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Starting from 29th June 2015 trains from Notarbartolo to Punta Raisi Airport are no longer available, here you can find alternative services.

On the Trenitalia site you can find updated time schedules.

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The metropolitan railways network

The Palermo Metropolitan Railways presently include three lines:

A line: Stazione Centrale - Punta Raisi (Falcone-Borsellino Airport)

Total length 35 km, serving 15 stations: Stazione Centrale, Guadagna (opening soon), Vespri-Policlinico,
Palazzo Reale-Orleans, Notarbartolo, Francia, San Lorenzo-Colli, Cardillo Zen, Tommaso Natale, Isola delle Femmine, Capaci, Capaci-Torre Ciachea, Carini, Piraineto, Aeroporto Falcone-Borsellino.

Double rail on the surface from Stazione Centrale to Guadagna, then underground from Vespri to Notarbartolo. Single rail underground from Notarbartolo to Francia and again on the surface along the rails of the Palermo-Trapani railway. A new double rail section has been opened in 2001 from Carini to Aeroporto Falcone-Borsellino.

Trains: From September 9th 2004 the Minuetto trains are operating on this line.

Linea A map


B line: Stazione Notarbartolo - Giachery

Total length 4 km, serving 4 stations: Notarbartolo, Imperatore Federico, Fiera, Giachery.

Single rail underground from Notarbartolo to Imperatore Federico, then in a trench.


Motrice della Linea B alla stazione Notarbartolo

A line B train at the Notarbartolo station

Linea B map

C line: Stazione CentraleTermini Imerese

Total length 36 km, 11 stations: Stazione Centrale, Brancaccio, Roccella, Ficarazzi, Bagheria, S. Flavia-Porticello, Casteldaccia, Altavilla Milicia, S. Nicola, Trabia, Termini Imerese.

Double rail on the surface along the rails of the Palermo-Messina railway.



From 2001, when the junction between the Piraineto station on the Palermo-Trapani railway and the "Falcone-Borsellino" airoport was activated, Trenitalia started a new regular connection with the Punta Raisi airport terminal, this train has been called "Trinacria express".
Trinacria express trains are scheduled to leave the
Punta Raisi terminal at minute 00 and the Palermo Centrale station at minute 09 of every hour, from 5 a.m. to 9 p.m. and take 60 minutes for the whole travel, stopping at Vespri, Palazzo Reale-Orleans, Notarbartolo, Francia and at the Piraineto interchange station, where travellers from Trapani can take the "Trinacria express". Trains making more stops leave the Punta Raisi terminal at minute 20 and the Palermo Centrale station at minute 39 of every hour and take 70 minutes for the whole travel. The one-way ticket from Palermo to Punta Raisi costs 5.80 euro and can be purchased at the Trenitalia ticket offices and in many newspapers and cigarettes shops. Weekly tickets (30.00 euro) and a monthly ticket (62.15 euro) are also available.

Trinacria Express

 Travel Info

The Palermo Metropolitan Railway is operated by the Ferrovie dello Stato.

Operation time:
A line:
 from 4:45 a.m. to 8:09 p.m. for trains to Aeroporto, and from 5:54 a.m. to 09:00 p.m. for trains to Stazione Centrale, every day but at lower frequency on Sundays and holydays.
B line:
 from 6:40 a.m. to 8:20 p.m. for trains to Giachery, and from 6:59 a.m. to 8:40 p.m. for trains to Notarbartolo, from Mondays to Saturdays only.
C line:
 from 5:44 a.m. to 9:40 p.m. for trains to Termini Imerese, and from 5:57 a.m. to 9:57 p.m. for trains to Stazione Centrale, every day but at lower frequency on Sundays and holydays.

A train every 30 minutes is ensured on both A line and B line but the frequency is increased on line A at rush hours, though extra-trains usually don't reach the airport. On the C line frequency ranges from 60 to 20 minutes at rush hours.

To consult a complete timetable of the Palermo metropolitan railways click
 HERE clock


Ticket:  1.30 Euro. Valid for 90 minutes from first entrance on both lines of the metropolitan service inside the urban area of Palermo (from Stazione Centrale to Tommaso Natale on line A, from Notarbartolo to Giachery on line B, and from Stazione Centrale to Roccella on line C). The ticket is not valid for the AMAT bus service.

Weekly ticket: 10 Euros; Monthly ticket:
26.50 Euros; Yearly ticket: 239 Euros. These tickets allow to travel on both lines of the metropolitan service inside the urban area of Palermo, between the Roccella, Stazione Centrale, Notarbartolo, Tommaso Natale and Giachery stations. They can not be used for the urban bus service.



Trinacria express for the Falcone-Borsellino Airport:
single journey: 5.80 Euros; weekly ticket: 30.00 Euros; monthly ticket: 62.15 Euros.


ticket 91

Ticket 1991

On May 1990: For the Football World Cup a metropolitan railway service is inaugurated on the Stazione Centrale - Giachery section (initially only 6 stops: Stazione Centrale, Vespri-Policlinico, Notarbartolo, Imperatore Federico-Stadio, Fiera, Giachery).

On May 1993: The San Lorenzo-Colli and Tommaso Natale stations, along the Palermo-Trapani railway, are included in the  metropolitan service and the trains from the Notarbartolo station terminate their journey to Giachery or Tommaso Natale, alternatively.

On August 1994: Opening of the Francia and Cardillo Zen stop along the Palermo-Trapani railway

Timetable 1992-93

ticket 1999

Ticket 1999

On the 22nd June 2001: Opening of the Palazzo Reale-Orleans station

On the 6th October 2001: A new junction connects the Piraineto station on the Palermo-Trapani railway to the Falcone-Borsellino airport and the metropolitan service is extended from the Stazione Centrale to the new Aeroporto Falcone-Borsellino underground station, the actual terminal of the A line of the metropolitan railway, while the Notarbartolo — Giachery section operates separately as B line.

On the 16th January 2012: after a one-year stop, the Palermo C.le-Notarbartolo section is re-opened upgraded to a double rail and almost completely underground line.

On the 20th January 2015: the Roccella station was opened on the C line.

Since 29th June 2015 the railway line to Punta Raisi was stopped due to upgrading works and the A line of the subway has been running only from Central Station to Notarbartolo station. Upgrading works are expected to last 18 months with re-opening scheduled in January 2017.

Timetable 1993-94


piantina 1995Map 1995

orario 1995

Timetable 1995




Palermo Centrale


Trinacria Express

Stazione Notarbartolo

Stazione Centrale

Giachery station (Line B)



Elettrotreno Minuetto

Stazione Centrale

S. Lorenzo

Ticket office at Giachery (Line B)

Minuetto at the Stazione Centrale

Front of the Stazione Centrale

S. Lorenzo station (Line A)


Cavalcavia Notarbartolo

Trinacria Express

Stazione Punta Raisi

S. Lorenzo

Notarbartolo station

Trinacria Express

 Punta Raisi station

Trinacria Express

photos ©: Metropalermo, Mario Palermo, Pietro Rizzo, Omar Cugini

 Planned works and works in progress


A line and C line

A double rail will be constructed between Brancaccio and Carini (from Carini to the Punta Raisi airport the double rail is already operating). The length of the journey to the airport will so be decreased. Nine new stations will be opened: Roccella, Brancaccio residenziale, Guadagna, Palazzo di Giustizia, Lolli, Lazio, Belgio, La Malfa e Sferracavallo, so that a total of 18 stations will be opereted in the urban area.
Length of the line: 26 kilometres
Total cost: 623 millions euro
Progression: works have been committed to a general contractor on 05/11/2004
. After a long stop waiting for the approval of a major modification of the project, works have started on February 2008. Updates on the progression of the works can be found at the website.

Plan of the line after completion.

B line
Closing the ring section from Giachery to Lolli station, the B line will be completed. At present, only half of the line is operating, from Notarbartolo to Giachery station including four stops: Notarbartolo, Imperatore Federico, Fiera and Giachery. The extension will have four more stops: Porto, Politeama, Malaspina-Catania and Lazio-Libertà.
Length of the line: 6.5 kilometres
Extension: 2.3 kilometres
Total cost: 125 million euro.
Progression: w
orks have been committed by Italferr to Tecnis SpA and have been started in September 2014.

D line 
This new line, entirely underground, will cross the town from South to North, with a total length of 17.6 kilometres. The first section, 7 kilometres from via Oreto to the Notarbartolo station, includes ten stops: Svincolo Oreto, Oreto sud, Oreto nord, Piazza Giulio Cesare, Piazza Borsa, Teatro Massimo, Politeama, Via Archimede, Piazza Alberico Gentili and Stazione Notarbartolo. It will take only 12 minutes for the journey from Svincolo Oreto to Stazione Notarbartolo. The total cost for this section will be 535 millions euro. The second section, to Tommaso Natale-Partanna Mondello, will be built later.
Length of the line: 17.6 kilometres
Total cost: 1,085 millions euro
 on 18/02/2005 the development of the project of the first section has been committed to Systra s.a., Ingegneria Y Economia del Transporte s.a., Lombardi Italia Ingegneri Consulenti s.r.l., Dominique Perrault and Technital S.p.A. On 18/12/2008 300 millions euro have been destined by the Italian government to the Palermo metropolitan railway. The Regione Siciliana promised to provide 300 millions more. The Palermo municipality will soon call for a project financing commitment.

Project of the urban public transportation network of Palermo.




Four tramway lines are operating in Palermo: T1 from Roccella to the Stazione Centrale; T2 from Borgo Nuovo to the Notarbartolo station; T3 from San Giovanni Apostolo (CEP) to Notarbartolo station; and T4 from Notarbartolo Station to corso Calatafimi flanking the viale Regione Siciliana.
Total length of the lines: the total length of the four lines is 18 kilometres. A total of 44 stops are operated.
Total cost: 322 millions euro.
Progression of works: on the 30/12/2005 the project has been committed to the "Sis" consortium including: "Bombardier Transportation Italy", "Mosco & Associati", "Edil Scavi", "Amec Spie Rail", "Seib Ingenieur-Consult", "Ingenieurbüro Wosnitza und Knappe" and "ETC Transport Consultants", but works actually started only on June 2007 and have been completed in November 2015. The inauguration and opening to the public of all four lines of the service took place on 30 December 2015.




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